HYU 11th Year Celebration

Reparations: An International Day of Grief & Repair

Embrace ancestral wisdom and healing techniques at our annual community workshop. Join us for a day of grief, repair, and self care with Afrikan & Indigenous American spiritual leaders.

Afrikan & Indigenous American Spiritual & Community groups will be present to share stories, games & dishes to connect to self care & ancestors.


Hear what people are saying about HYU

"I completed the mental causes of physical ailments and it was eye opening for me.

I have created affirmations before but this resonated with me deeply; I had about 43 ailments and the main theme is being accepted, forgiveness and feeling safe."

Mrs. "Queen" Sanner

"I have finally started really applying these obvious techniques to my activities with my non-profit.

The results make me even more potent in my convictions and capacity. These life lessons should be applied to all aspects of your (mine) endeavors."


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